Test on washed Fibre


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Washed Fibre Test per animal.

Fill the information sheet (upload file below), send by email fibrelabandco@gmail.com and ship with samples to :

Fibre Lab and Co.

20 rue Jean Mermoz



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10,00 €

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Fibre Test will be done the week of reception of Alpaca, Llama, Angora Goat, Cashmere, Angora Rabbit, Sheep, ...sample

Each sample will be washed before testing without any correction factor on the fibre testing (all fibre will appear on the report - "Trim High" Off)

Reports include standard deviation, coefficient of variation of diameter, curvature, average diameter, spinning fineness, fibre length and comfort factor.

Also in the report : histograms and "along fibre" micron profile graphs and summaries.

Unique price

Fibre Test report will be available as PDF file in your customer account all the time.


The fiber analysis is an essential tool for you to monitor your breeding program.

It is an objective tool to monitor changes in the individual characteristics of your animal.

It is useful to recall that the tests are appropriate for your livestock.

Indeed the fibre varies enormously depending on:

• genetic characteristics

• Food and nutrient intake

• Health of Animals

When should I take the sample ?

2 possibilities :

you can take the sample during shearing

But, you can take the sample before shearing.

In this case, you are sure to take the sample in the right place and it lets you know your results before shearing, so you sort fleeces according to their fineness.

How much is needed for analysis ?

A width of 3 cm of fibre is enough.

It may be interesting to take two samples. By this way, in case of problems or if you want to retest a fleece, you have a backup.

Where should I take my sample of fibre ?

alpaga zone de prélèvement

Be sure to collect the sample close to the skin.

Place it in a paper bag.

CLEARLY identify the bag.

WARNING : Samples must be dry. Moisture can cause significant results.